Helen Salemi's
Selected Poems From Baudelaire's

Fleurs du Mal

Pivot Press, 2014
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Selected Poems from Baudelaire's Les Fleurs Du Mal is Helen Palma's long-awaited collection of translations. 

Praise for Selected Poems from Baudelaire's Les Fleurs Du Mal

Helen Palma has accepted the challenge...sometimes declined: to turn Baudelaire into rhymed, metered lines that approximate the French forms. She has accomplished this with spirit and admirable fidelity.
---Catherine Savage Brosman, Professor Emeritus of French, Tulane University

Palma has collaborated with Baudelaire's muse to create English poems that masterfully blend those hallmarks of post-romantic symbolist poetry...Baudelaire is well-served by Helen Palma's English versions...she once again bears witness to the axiom that to translate poetry successfully one must not only be a good translator, but a good poet..
---Eric Sellin, Poet and translator

Superbly surpassing such illustrious predecessors as Roy Campbell, Robert Lowell, Arthur Symons, and Richard Wilbur...Palma reenacts the eloquent splendor of his splenetic elan.
---J.B. Sisson, poet and translator

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