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Front Page March 2010


Dr. Joseph S. Salemi's New Journal: Trinacria


Expansive Movement Takes a Licking, Keeps on Ticking?


Archives (broken links repaired)

EP&M Online Prosody

Our Ersatz World, essay by Joseph S. Salemi

Poems by Robin Fox

Poems by Ryan Sawyer

The Late Jim Mortensen's N2HOS Web Site Archive

Painter Liz Holly's New Web Site

(after 9/14)

from previous issues

Criticism and the English Language, essay by Edward Zuk

Poems, Arthur Mortensen

from previous issues

William F. Carlson, an appreciation by Joseph S. Salemi

Poetic Voice and Poetic Form, essay by Edward Zuk

Poems by Arthur Mortensen

The Arsenal of Artifice by Joseph S. Salemi

Poems by Robin Fox

"On Pleasure," essay by Michael Curtis

Poems by Dick Allen

Poems by Wade Newman

Review of Claudia Gary-Annis's new book by Jan Schreiber

Poems by Arthur Mortensen

Poets and Academics: Why It Won't Work Anymore by Joseph S. Salemi

Reflections on the Rabbi poem by Robin Fox

Three Poems by L.N. Allen

Three Sonnets from The Wayfarer Poems sonnet sequence, by Frederick Turner

A Change In Time essay by Arthur Mortensen

Sailing to Oblivion by Richard Moore, review by Jan Schreiber

Forgotten Poems: "The Ice Floes," E.J. Pratt by Edward Zuk

Clear and Flawed, Adam Kirsch's Wounded Surgeon review by Edward Zuk Richard Wilbur, A Marvel of Our time by Edward Zuk

An Ovid translation for Our Time, by Edward Zuk

A Matter of Mind, Joseph Saling, reviewed by Austin MacRae

Coleridge's Blank Verse essay by Edward Zuk

On "The Poetic Principle," essay by Edward Zuk

The Unfolding, A Recovered Appreciation of Frederick Morgan's Poetry, by Dick Allen

Deeply Dug In, by R.L. Barth, review by Richard Moore

Distant Blue, by Thomas Carper, review by Arthur Mortensen

Howard Nemerov, Nature Poet review by Jan Schreiber

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