EP&M Online Poetic Response


by Wade Newman

What makes Amiri unashamed
To shock us with his taunting game?

What makes him always pick a fight?
What makes him think in black and white?

What makes him holler in my face?
The spokesman for the human race!

What makes Amiri hate the Jew?
To add his name to Hate's Who's Who?

What makes him court our disrespect
While cashing in his ten-grand check?

What makes Amiri point and blame?
What makes his poems all sound the same?

What makes him use his role as bard
To always play the victim card?

What makes Amiri rant and rave?
And dance on top of all our graves?

What makes Amiri's time-bomb tick?
What makes Amiri flick his Bic?

                                        Copyright (c) 2002 by Wade Newman
                                        All rights reserved

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