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For e-mail ordering, fill out the form, check the books you want, and press submit.  If unsure at any point, move down the page and press reset.  This will clear the form so you can go back to the top and start again.   When you press submit the information will be sent to EP&M Online Bookstore.   You will receive acknowledgment of the order in the form of an invoice for the dollar amount of the book (remember, we're not set up for international just yet).   Return that to EP&M Online Bookstore to the address shown on the invoice.  Be sure to make the check out to Somers Rocks Press. WARNING: With some servers and browser versions, this form will not do anything but bring up a blank e-mail. If this happens, just enter the book you want, your name and address, and your e-mail address and send it anyway. EP&M Online Bookstore will still get it.

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So Far, Robert Darling, US$12.00 + S&H + tax (NY only): 

Proceed a little further to SUBMIT your order -- after you've checked it over.

Check your order carefully. Though this is not a purchase, as of yet, you'll get your orders faster if you send an accurate version the first time.  It might be wise to print it now and look it over.   If unsure, hit RESET button below. Be sure your address is accurate.

When done, press SUBMIT once. Remember, this is only the beginning of the transaction. In a day or so, you'll receive an invoice. Please print it and send a check in that amount to EP&M Online bookstore at the address shown on the invoice.  Make the check out to Somers Rocks Press, which runs EP&M Online Bookstore.

If unsure, press reset and start from the top.

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