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For those who may have forgotten – from Neil M. Lorber....


(September, 2001)
 No Gibraltar did these Herculean towers frame,
 these Gateway Twins -- proud harbor sentinels,
     now standing tall within our minds,
           as firm therein as on
       the bedrock of the Great City.
     There they ascend and tower yet--
      imposing, steadfast, strong--
    rising through the awesome heights
   of the skyline of the American Psyche.
     Symbolic there of true heroic loss
      and monument to innocent demise
       (The spirit of a nation rings
       but the heart within it cries)
  Majestic icons of our country's thought--
       inspiring, empowering-of-form
   in inner-vision and the nation's soul--
      silhouetted by the ashen skies 
        of an American New Dawn.
                         Neil M. Lorber

Neil M. Lorber appears for the first time on EP&M Online.

“Fallen Giants” is
copyright © 2003 by Neil M. Lorber
and may not be reprinted or distributed without permission from the author.