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Robin Fox

    by Robin Fox

Burn me a copy on a CD ROM,
That surfeiting on graphic interface,
I’ll consummate my love in cyberspace.

Ensconced in virtual reality
A woman’s name is more than frailty,
For through the porno website she is set
To cheat her husband on the internet.

When in the storage space of wasted bytes
I read descriptions of the fairest wights,
I hit delete and send them on their way:
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

      by Robin Fox
      An Unrhymed Sonnet

When in the fiercest moments of our love
We two expand to fill the universe,
We know that nothing else exists: we are
The stars the planets and the meteors,
The silent vast untroubled frozen space,
The tedious immensity of time,
Encompassing the primary explosion
That ours has echoed in intensity:
Sent throbbing suns and hot erotic dust
To farthest edges of eternity,
Where time and space and sense in blinding curves
Define our passionate infinity,
           Where every moment is the whole of time,
            Each movement the totality of space.

                                                                                                                                        Robin Fox

"shakespeare@globe.co.uk" and "The Universe of Love" Copyright © 2006 by Robin Fox
Robin Fox is an anthropologist, poet, professor, and essayist whose many books include
The Imperial Animal (with Lionel Tiger), Participant Observer, The Tory Islanders, and The Red Lamp of Incest